Becoming a patient with us

There are two main ways you can become a patient with us.

  • As a contract patient. If you live in Guernsey, Alderney or Herm, you’re entitled to receive secondary healthcare free at the point of delivery under our contract with the States of Guernsey.
  • As a private patient. You can choose to be seen as a private patient for a service we offer under the States contract and receive extra benefits. Or you can choose to be a private patient because you’d like a treatment that is not covered by the States contract – what we call a non-contract service.

If you don’t live in Guernsey, Alderney or Herm, we can see you as a private patient.

Whether you are a contract or a private patient, you can be reassured that you’ll receive the same high quality care and expertise throughout your treatment.

When your GP refers you to the Medical Specialist Group, the following target waiting times apply whether you are a contract or a private patient.

Reason Time
Emergency Within 24 hours
Urgent Within 7 days
Suspected cancer or angina Within 2 weeks
Routine referrals Within 8 weeks

Our contract with the States of Guernsey includes key performance indicators (KPIs) that cover professional standards, patient safety and experience and other quality measures for inpatient and outpatient care. You can read the 2021 KPI report below.


The 2021 KPI Report

Dr Gary Yarwood
Download (PDF)