Private patients

As a private patient, whether your health insurer pays or you pay direct, there are two ways of accessing our services:

You can be referred by your GP

Your first consultation can be under the States contract or private. After learning what treatment options are available, you can then choose whether you want to be treated privately or under the States contract. You can still change to be a private or a contract patient further on in the treatment process. 

For certain services, you can refer yourself

Here you liaise directly with the MSG and fund your treatment as a private patient (via insurance or paying direct). Our consultant may ask you to have a consultation with your own GP first, if they believe it is in your best clinical interests. 

There’s a wide range of health insurers and different levels of cover available. Please obtain authorisation from your health insurer before your consultation or treatment.

If you opt to be insured through the local insurance broker Rossborough Healthcare (01481 241555), you can access our health screening service at a preferential rate.

What are the benefits of going private?

Flexible operating dates

Flexibility in choosing an operation date to suit your needs (although this can’t be guaranteed).

Access to treatments and services not covered by the States contract

  • Potentially the option to receive treatment using new technologies or drugs that are not funded by the States contract. We may be able to offer these options and your private health insurance may cover them - your consultant can advise you. 
  • Access to clinics that are available to private patients only.

Select your preferred consultant

The possibility of selecting which of our consultants within the relevant specialty you would like to perform your procedure and manage your care.

Flexible outpatient times

You may be able to see your consultant outside their normal clinic times if it’s more convenient. Some hold weekday evening clinics. Call us if you would like to try to rearrange an appointment to a time that suits you and your consultant.

Private hospital room

  • Your own en-suite room on Victoria wing rather than on a general ward where you are likely to share a bay with other patients. There’s also a private room on Frossard ward (the children’s ward). For private patients in the Day patient unit there may be complementary extras, such as sandwiches or a newspaper.
  • More time with loved ones. Extended visiting times for private patients mean visitors are welcome anytime between 7am and 9pm. On the general wards, visiting times are more restricted.
  • A phone in your room, radio, Sky TV and Wi-Fi. 
  • A complementary daily English newspaper and Guernsey Press, delivered to your room. 

How much does it cost to go private?

Consultant fees

Initial consultation (less than 10 minutes)


Initial consultation (10 to 29 minutes)


Initial consultation (30 to 55 minutes)


Initial consultation (over 55 minutes)


Follow up consultation (less than 10 minutes)


Follow up consultation (10 to 29 minutes)


Follow up consultation (30 to 55 minutes)


Follow up consultation (over 55 minutes)


Standard ultrasound


Removal of sutures


Optical Coherence Tomography




Diagnostic Endoscopy of sinus


Diagnostic Endoscopy of pharynx/larynx


Rigid Sigmoidoscopy


Nurse fees

Nurse appointment (less than 10 minutes)


Nurse appointment (10 to 19 minutes)


Nurse appointment (30 to 44 minutes)


Nurse appointment (45 to 60 minutes)


ECG by a nurse




Advanced specialist physiotherapist fees

Consultation (up to 45 minutes)


MSK ultrasound scan


Corticosteroid injection


Ultrasound guided corticosteroid injection


Shockwave therapy


Prices valid from 01/01/2024