Diagnosing and treating adults and children with hearing, balance, or tinnitus (ringing in the ear) problems.

Our Audiology team are specialists in paediatric and adult diagnostic audiology. Including wax management, hearing aid prescriptions, tinnitus and part of a team managing long term paediatric audiologic conditions.

We use the latest diagnostic tools to enable us to accurately understand and treat your condition. We understand how isolating it can be when hearing problems impact your ability to communicate and how unsettling it can be if your sense of balance is affected. We will do everything we can to help manage, and if possible, reverse your symptoms.

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We offer the following non-contract services which you or your health insurer can pay for:

  • Advanced hearing aids The latest in hearing aid technology including Bluetooth connectivity to work with mobile apps, smart phones, smart TVs and wireless microphones.
  • Tinnitus clinic For adults and children who suffer with ringing in the ears. (You can be seen under the States contract if you are referred by a doctor)..
  • Paediatric assessments For children with hearing concerns.
  • Auditory brainstem assessments Paediatric hearing assessments.
Meet our Audiology team