2023 in numbers

2023 in numbers

Every year at the MSG we care for and treat more and more patients.
Here are our numbers for 2023 – bear in mind that we’re counting interactions with patients (eg an outpatient appointment or a hospital admission) rather than the actual number of patients!

The total number of patient interactions in 2023

Outpatient episodes, up 2.2% from 2022


Highest number of outpatient episodes – in Surgery

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Where are outpatient clinics held?

  • Mainly at Alexandra House and Mill House
  • Some at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital oncology, cardiology, day assessment unit and the breast unit
  • A few paediatric clinics in the community or on other States premises
  • Some clinics in Alderney

Inpatient episodes, up 3% from 2021


By Department

  • General medicine department - 5,846 episodes
    including geriatrics, rehabilitation, diabetes, respiratory, stroke, cardiology, gastroenterology and nephrology
  • Surgery - 3,982 episodes
  • Oncology - 2,449 episodes
  • Orthopaedics - 1,626 episodes
  • Obstetrics - 559 episodes

Theatre operations, up 7% on 2022


Note: number of operations are included in the inpatient episodes above