Medical weight management clinics

Medical weight management clinics

Treatment that offers injections and advice to aid your weight loss journey

We know it can be difficult to lose weight, but we’re here to help you achieve your goals. 

What treatments do you offer? 

The Medical Weight Management clinic offers the treatment Wegovy (also known as Semaglutide) or Mounjaro (also called Tirzepatide), which is an injectable prescription that contributes to weight loss. It is used for adults who are overweight or obese. 

How does Wegovy work? 

Wegovy acts on the signals on the brain called appetite hormones which regulate how much food you can eat. Once injected into the body, Wegovy acts by reducing your appetite and increasing the feeling of fullness, so that you eat less. It is commonly used for people living with diabetes as it also releases insulin when blood sugar levels are high, therefore reducing blood sugar.  

How often do I need treatment? 

Wegovy is most effective when taken weekly.  

Can I refer myself? 

Yes, you do not need to be referred by another healthcare professional. 

Can anyone have treatment? 

We can only treat patients over 18. Each patient will be asked to complete an initial pre-screening questionnaire to ensure they are suitable for the treatment before it is commenced. 

What is included, and what is the cost? 

The clinic is provided by Dr Kate Allen, consultant physician alongside Claire Morris-McCarthy, specialist dietitian and Becky Pattimore, diabetes specialist nurse. 

If you are deemed appropriate to proceed with treatment following your questionnaire you will have an appointment with our consultant physician, specialist nurse, which will include education on self-injection, and a dietetic appointment with the specialist dietician. During the appointment we will provide you with prescriptions for your first two months of treatment. The cost of this is £187.50 

Follow up costs are:

  • In person consultant review (Dr Allen) £100
  • Telephone Consultation (specialist nurse or consultant) £62.50
  • Dietician: £62.50

These treatments are not covered by the States contract, so either you or your health insurer will need to cover the costs. Always check first with your health insurer whether your policy covers this treatment and obtain a pre-authorisation code. 

*Prices correct as at 27 June 2024.

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