Breast surgery

Breast surgery

Diagnosing, treating and caring for patients who are referred to us with symptoms of breast disease or who want to discuss cosmetic surgery.

We diagnose, treat and care for patients who are referred to us with symptoms of breast disease, which may be benign or malignant, including those who may have been recalled from the breast screening programme.

We understand that everyone has a different level of comfort when it comes to discussing breast health and that you are no doubt feeling a range of emotions about needing treatment. Rest assured that our friendly team are discreet, understanding and compassionate. We will do our utmost to put you at ease. 

Our specialists will initially see you in outpatients for assessment which will include a physical examination, specialist imaging and a biopsy if necessary.

If medical treatment or surgery is needed, including reconstructive surgery, we will discuss our management plan with you and agree the way forward. 

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We offer the following non-contract services which you or your health insurer can pay for:

  • Breast uplift (mastopexy), reduction or augmentation (mastopexy), reduction or augmentation
  • Implants or implant capsule removal or exchange
  • Developmental breast disorder correction
  • Nipple eversion surgery
  • Benign breast lump removal
  • Additional breast check ups
  • Gynaecomastia surgery (for men’s breasts)
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