Diagnosing, treating and caring for patients who are suffering a gastrointestinal problem.

We understand that gastrointestinal issues can cause pain and discomfort, ranging from fairly minor to serious, as well as embarrassment.

Our consultants are experts at investigating and treating issues in the gastrointestinal system (your stomach and intestines) and with your liver and pancreas. We use the latest technology and procedures to diagnose and treat a wide range of disorders to help you get back to good health. 

This team spend their working day talking about and looking at the digestive organs, so you needn’t be embarrassed talking about your symptoms. They have dedicated years of medical training to digestive health and are passionate about minimising their patients’ pain and helping them nourish their bodies for optimal health.

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We offer the following non-contract services which you or your health insurer can pay for:

  • Capsule endoscopy
  • Food intolerance tests
  • SIBO testing
Meet our Gastroenterology team

Dr Barzan Barzangy

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Learn more about treatments & conditions

Read our information leaflet Capsule Endoscopy, or use the link below to explore condition information.