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Flexibility & Choice

The Benefits of Private Treatment

The MSG’s first duty is to ensure that it meets the requirements of its contract with the States of Guernsey to provide a high standard of secondary healthcare for Guernsey, Alderney and Herm residents.

The same services are available to self-paying patients and those with medical insurance policies, but they can then benefit from extras that are not available to contract patients.

Patients will be able to change between being treated privately or under the States Contract for each out-patient consultation and for each in-patient episode from admission to discharge.

The MSG also provides a range of clinics and services that are not covered by the contract with the States – and again self-paying patients and those with medical insurance policies may take advantage of these.

Contract Non-Contract Insured* Self-Paying
Timely Appointment
Flexible Outpatient Times
Flexible Operation Dates
Access Non-Contract Services
Select your preferred Consultant
Private hospital room

*Insurance policies vary and so patients are advised to check the terms and conditions within their own policy.

Timely Appointment

All patients will receive a timely service in accordance with the waiting times dictated by the States Contract


If you have private health insurance or wish to pay directly for private patient care, you may be able to refer yourself directly to a Medical Specialist Group consultant – however, he/she may require you to have a consultation with your GP before doing so if they believe it is in your best clinical interests to do so.

Flexible Outpatient Times

Many of our consultants may be able to see you outside their normal clinic times, when it may be more convenient for you to attend. Some hold weekday evening and Saturday morning clinics. You can call us if you would like to try to re-arrange an appointment to a time mutually convenient to you and your consultant.

Flexible Operating Dates

All patients will be listed for an operation within eight weeks of a decision that surgery is required. Using your private health insurance or paying directly for private patient care may allow you to be flexible in choosing your operation date to suit your needs.

Occasionally the hospital has to postpone operations due to bed-shortage, staffing or other issues; private patients on Victoria Wing are less likely to be affected by such measures.

Access to Treatments not covered by the States Contract

The States’ Contract covers all conventional treatment, but there may be new technologies or drugs that are not funded in this way. The Medical Specialist Group may be able to offer these and your private health insurance may cover them (your consultant will be able to advise you accordingly).

Select your preferred Consultant

For certain procedures it may be possible for private and self-paying patients to select which of our consultants within the relevant specialty they would like to perform their procedure and manage their care.

Private hospital room

Rather than stay on a general ward at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital, private patients are usually able to have their own en-suite room on Victoria Wing. There is also a private room on Frossard Ward (Children’s ward). Private patients on the Day Patient Unit may also be able to access extras such as sandwiches and a newspaper.

Private rooms on Victoria Wing have telephone, radio, Sky TV and Wi-Fi access. Daily English newspaper and Guernsey Press delivered to your room. Patients in other areas of the hospital are not permitted to use their mobile phones, but this is permitted on Victoria Wing.

Visiting times are more restricted on general wards, but visitors to the private wing are welcome anytime between 7.00am and 9.00pm.

The Victoria Wing chef will visit you before each meal-time to take your order from the “a là carte” menu; a wine list is also available.

Private Consultation Charges

 If you are attending the Medical Specialist Group as a private patient, please see below a list of our charges:

Surgical consultant fees

Pre-anaesthetic check


 Initial consultation (up to 30 minutes)  £225.00
 Initial consultation (31 to 75 minutes)  £250.00
 Follow up consultation  £200.00
Follow up consultation (over 30 minutes)  £225.00
Medical consultant fees
Initial consultation £225.00
Follow up consultation £200.00
Pain Clinic Consultation  £250.00
Pain Clinic Follow up consultation £200.00
 Oncology consultant fees  
 Initial consultation  £250.00
Follow up consultation  £200.00
Paediatric consultant fees  
 Initial consultation  £225.00
 Follow up consultation  £200.00
Short nurse consultation £20.00
Standard nurse consultation £40.00
ECG performed by a nurse £60.00
Spirometry/vitalograph performed by a nurse £65.00
Blood Test £20.00

Please note that if you have to have a procedure performed at the same time of your consultation, an additional charge will be levied for this.

Medical Insurance

Various insurance products and providers are available. Nb. Through local insurance broker Rossborough Healthcare (01481 241555), preferential rates are available to corporate clients for the MSG’s Executive Health Screening service.

Have you considered private treatment?

Learn more about going private

If you have private health insurance or wish to pay directly for private patient care, you can ask your GP to refer you to the Medical Specialist Group as a private patient or you can ring us to request to be seen on a private basis.

  • Flexible Outpatient Times
  • Flexible Operating Dates
  • Access to Treatments not covered by the States Contract
Learn more about going private »