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There are various ways of finding out more about health issues and the treatments or procedures used to address them.

The Medical Specialist Group recommends ViewMedica – by selecting your condition here, you can link to the information you need to understand more about your condition.

If you cannot find your particular condition here, other web-based information is available, such as on various NHS sites. Google® should be able to direct you to an appropriate site accordingly.

While you can link to other websites from the MSG website, please be aware that we have no control over their content and that they will be subject to separate terms & conditions. The MSG cannot accept any responsibility for any adverse consequences that may arise as a result of using other sites.

Have you considered private treatment?

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If you have private health insurance or wish to pay directly for private patient care, you can ask your GP to refer you to the Medical Specialist Group as a private patient or you can ring us to request to be seen on a private basis.

  • Flexible Outpatient Times
  • Flexible Operating Dates
  • Access to Treatments not covered by the States Contract
Learn more about going private »