Sports and exercise medicine

Sports and exercise medicine

Joined-up care for sports injury treatment and recovery


Our Sports and exercise medicine team care for patients with sports injuries that have developed over time, and offer rapid trauma care for patients who have recently experienced a sports injury. 

We treat conditions affecting your bones, joints and their surrounding soft tissue – the musculoskeletal system that protects your vital organs and allows you to move properly and perform at your best.  

Our Advanced specialist physiotherapist works with our four Consultant orthopaedic surgeons to provide an enhanced and rapid service in sports and exercise medicine and in more general musculoskeletal support.  

We offer a triaging and diagnostic service for sports injury and musculoskeletal problems, with initial assessment within 48 hours of contact for acute injuries. The service includes assessment, arranging necessary imaging, confirming diagnosis and developing a treatment plan. 

Musculoskeletal injuries and disorders can cause pain, swelling and stiffness. Persistent joint pain can not only disrupt your sporting performance but also your sleep, performance at work, family life and relationships, which can in turn affect your overall quality of life.   

Our aim is to help you gain as much movement and flexibility as possible. Our procedures include surgery for upper limb (shoulders and elbow, hand and wrist including joint replacement) and lower limb (hips and knees, and foot and ankle surgery including joint replacement) as well as injection therapy (including PRP and ultrasound guided injections) and shockwave therapy. 

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