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Part of Island Life

Prior to 1992, most Bailiwick patients requiring specialist examination or treatment had to fly to the UK.

The Medical Specialist Group was formed with a view to providing much of that specialist care on-island – thereby not only saving patients the stress and inconvenience of travelling, but also saving the States of Guernsey much of the considerable cost thereof.

More than 25 years later, the Medical Specialist Group has expanded and developed its services, becoming a vital and integral component of the local community.

Our consultants and staff are Guernsey residents and they all immerse themselves in various aspects of island life outside of their professional commitments – whether that be socially, in sport or undertaking charitable activities.

Have you considered private treatment?

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If you have private health insurance or wish to pay directly for private patient care, you can ask your GP to refer you to the Medical Specialist Group as a private patient or you can ring us to request to be seen on a private basis.

  • Flexible Outpatient Times
  • Flexible Operating Dates
  • Access to Treatments not covered by the States Contract
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